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BetterPoints partners with Liftshare (Mobilityways) to incentivise sustainable travel choices

BetterPoints partners with Liftshare (Mobilityways) to incentivise sustainable travel choices

The UK’s market-leading car-sharing providers, Liftshare, have partnered with behaviour change specialists, BetterPoints, to offer genuine rewards for sharing your journey. In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, drivers and passengers will be able to earn points to put towards gift cards for dozens of high-street and online retailers.

The Liftshare app facilities shared travel and the BetterPoints app encourages and rewards active and sustainable travel. By using the two systems together, businesses and local authorities have the means to both motivate and incentivise healthier and more sustainable transport choices.

The partnership is even more relevant at this time when companies are trying to encourage staff to walk and cycle to work in an effort to avoid public transport as these modes can be incentivised using the BetterPoints app. The focus can start to include car-sharing as social distancing rules are eased.

Liftshare is the UK’s biggest car-sharing network with over a million signups. Their white-labelled B2B car-sharing schemes are used by over 700 of the UK’s biggest companies. Their products and services help to take cars off the road, reduce toxic emissions and save their members money.

BetterPoints is a behaviour change technology company that tracks movement and travel methods and rewards users for forming healthier and more sustainable habits. The platform generates huge amounts of rich data and has been used across Europe to analyse travel patterns and behaviours.

Before now, the incentivisation or rewarding of car-sharing has been a manual process. Many organisations offer priority parking, entry into prize draws or money to use in canteens. With integration, they now have access to an automated, seamless mechanism for users to collect and redeem points when they travel.

BetterPoints has a wide range of high-street vouchers gift cards for shops like John Lewis, Tesco, Starbucks and Amazon, but also makes it easy for local businesses to benefit. And for those motivated by philanthropy, points can also be donated to scores of charities and community groups. 

By working together, the companies hope to help companies and local authorities drive behaviour change amongst their staff and residents to more sustainable, climate-friendly modes of transport such as walking, cycling and car-sharing.

Liftshare CEO and Founder, Ali Clabburn, said:

“We’ve always wanted to be able to reward our members for sharing. They’re doing a brilliant thing that has so many benefits, so being able to earn rewards while they’re doing it is a double whammy! With this new integration we’re incentivising the behaviour that will help reduce emissions and save the planet, all while earning money. What’s not to love?”

Better Points CEO, Richard Kirk, said:

“Our collaboration with Liftshare gives businesses and councils in the UK a solution to create sustainable travel behaviours. This is a great opportunity to emerge from lockdown with a renewed awareness of our impact on the world and turn the healthier, greener behaviours we have adopted into permanent habits. By integrating the two platforms we can really grasp this chance to encourage large-scale changes of attitude to transport and mobility.”

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