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Author: Michael Grimes

BetterPoints to help Italian city tackle a global killer: air pollution

Air pollution is now known to be one of the leading preventable causes of death in the world. The damaging affects globally equate to nearly 7 million deaths a year – mostly in urban areas. With indoor air pollution responsible for approximately half of those deaths.

How BetterPoints can help lower all-cause mortality rates by encouraging small changes in behaviour

Recent research reveals that some exercise is better than none; it also suggests that secondary benefits of healthy activity ensure those health improvements are unlikely to unravel.

BetterPoints motivated Birmingham citizens to use the city’s parks

BetterPoints motivated 80% of previously inactive people to become active when Birmingham City Council commissioned us to encourage healthier living.

Cycling commuter turns BetterPoints into pounds for local advice service

BetterPoints user Matthew donated his reward points to a local advice service.

Little things make a big impact when BetterPoints users raise money

BetterPoints users donate their reward points to Guide Dogs charity.

Walking helps clear my mind

BetterPoints is “a really good scheme. It helps motivate you to do more outside and you get great rewards for doing it.”