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How partnership working has brought transformational active travel technology to Scotland

How partnership working has brought transformational active travel technology to Scotland

It is less than three years since Ansons Consulting in Scotland partnered with BetterPoints, opening up the Scottish market for us and giving them a powerful platform to change travel behaviours in the country.

In that short time, BetterPoints programmes have incentivised active and sustainable travel in Arbroath, East Renfrewshire, Falkirk and Glasgow, and a 12-month programme is about to launch in Renfrewshire.

‘BetterPoints have benefited enormously from Ansons’ knowledge, experience and understanding of the situation in Scotland’, says Hannah Byk, Partnerships Manager at BetterPoints. ‘This, coupled with their familiarity among its local authorities, has allowed us to deliver multiple successful programmes there.’

For John Pinkard, Managing Director of Ansons Consulting, the partnership has given him a powerful digital tool to take to local authorities.

‘Two decades ago, I created a paper-based workplace challenge campaign, designed to encourage employees to leave their cars at home and use active and sustainable forms of transport’, he says. ‘Through our exclusive Scottish partnership with BetterPoints, we now have access to an incredibly powerful digital platform that does the same thing we were trying to do all those years ago, and much more.’

Working with Ansons Consulting has been equally beneficial for BetterPoints.

‘Ansons’ day-to-day, on-the-ground, engagement and communication with clients and local communities has been pivotal to the success of our platform in Scotland’, says Hannah.

It is a unique partnership that is ‘delivering cutting-edge, high-impact campaigns’, says John.

‘I continue to be inspired and excited by this work,’ he says, ‘which is helping to secure much-needed improvements to health, environmental, economic, social and transport outcomes.’