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‘Together we can get back to better’, BetterPoints CEO tells transport and mobility leaders

‘Together we can get back to better’, BetterPoints CEO tells transport and mobility leaders

As part of Landor LINKS’ Green Transport Recovery webinar series, BetterPoints sponsored a webinar on 27 May to launch our campaign for a high-level, joined-up approach to capitalise on recent changes in transport behaviour.

In his presentation – Locking in positive behaviour change: forward to better Richard Kirk, BetterPoints CEO, said we had an ideal opportunity to get ‘Back to Better’ – rather than simply back to the old normal – ‘through positive behaviour change’.

However, he stressed it could only work if local authorities, businesses and the public transport sector worked together and at the highest level.

‘The danger is that we have a rush back using cars post lockdown, so we need to consider how we can we discourage that’, he said. ‘If we can understand where people are coming from and how long their routes are, we can help them replace the activities that are currently undertaken in private cars with safe public transport or other active travel options.’

Speaking to a webinar of 500 transport and mobility leaders, he called for ‘a triangulation of power between councils, businesses and public transport’. ‘Each in isolation is not going to achieve this’, he said. ‘The messaging is very, very important and it can only be done when we’ve got a combined group of people at local level. We propose that councils lead this engagement and engage businesses at very senior levels – CEOs of the major businesses in their particular area will lead this charge.’

He said the nation needed joined-up, locally-led programmes of joint activities agreed between council and business leaders. These programmes would include a phased return to work, ‘so there is a co-ordination of this, not everybody flooding back at the same time’, encouragement for councils to put aside land for ‘park-and-stride’ schemes and cycle lanes ‘so that people driving do not congest the city centres’, and, later, a phased plan to rebuild confidence in public transport.’

‘Together we can get back to better’, he said.


After the webinar, Richard Kirk announced the Back-to-Better behaviour change campaign packages.

BetterPoints use a combination of technology and behaviour change science to deliver its branded programmes on behalf of clients from local authorities to transport operators. Gamification is a key element, as is feedback and consistent messaging.

Both Back-to-Better options combine behaviour change science with gamification and messaging – constant, consistent and themed messaging daily through the app.

1. Out-of-the-box

  • Council/company branded programme for incentivised positive travel mode behaviour change – for citizens and employees.
  • Portal page explaining the programme and inviting people to download the app
  • Access to the Back-to- Better Challenge for local residents/employees.
  • Insight into travel behaviour for future infrastructure planning through intelligent messaging and context triggered questions. 
  • Private dashboard with real time data on number of people, number and type of activities, feedback from participants and ability to download data for further analysis.
  • In-built reward catalogue, prize draws, medals and additional non-financial rewards.

2. Bespoke programme 

  • Triangulation programme – the power between councils, business and public transport.
  • Council-led engagement of major corporates/securing of pledges.
  • Programme of joint activities e.g. Phased return to work / WFH / Park & Stride / Cycle Lanes etc.
  • Public transport phased plan – incorporating BetterPoints car journey data.
  • Rewards in the form of local retailers goods/services – bringing life back to the High Street.

For immediate details of Back-to Better, contact [email protected] or Richard Kirk directly: [email protected], +44 7836 235000.