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Bella Mossa

Vote for Bella Mossa in the Dear Future Innovation Awards!

We are delighted to announce that our partnership with the Italian city of Bologna has been shortlisted for the Dear Future Social Innovation Award. Our joint Bella Mossa programme uses the BetterPoints app and management system to reward citizens of Bologna for using their cars less.

Santander and BetterPoints offer free cycle rides in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Santander and BetterPoints offer free cycle rides in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

When Ivis retired, she learned to cycle – and then she taught others to cycle too

Throughout her life, the opportunity to learn to ride a bicycle didn’t present itself until at age 67, Ivis finally learned how to cycle with the help of a coach.

BetterPoints gets hundreds of people walking more for National Walking Month

Hundreds of people took up our challenge to walk more during National Walking Month in May. Together, they covered more than 10,000 miles.

Going for a walk is a luxury for Karen, the main carer for a mother with little mobility

Karen had to change her life plans when her elderly mother went into intensive care.

“I wouldn’t go back to being inactive,” says David

After turning 40, David noticed he was putting on weight and decided to make a concerted effort to address it, as well as stay active and healthy.

“I’m never going back to the weight I was”

Mary is a primary school teacher in Hampshire. These days, Mary describes herself as reasonably active: “I’m not a coach potato,” she says. Mary picked up the BetterPoints app just seven weeks ago and jumped straight into the National Walking Month challenge.

“First time for me to be top of something!”

June is a mother of three from east London. She walks a lot and volunteers at a community cafe. But June likes a challenge, and when her local gym closed she had to seek it elsewhere. Then she discovered BetterPoints. Not only can she now join any challenges available to her in the BetterPoints app, she can also donate the points she earns back into her community.

Inertia, Newton and re-igniting physical activity

A number of months ago, I was sitting in a seminar up at Edge Hill University in West Lancashire pondering a diagram that was placed on a screen by an NHS consultant, called the “Cycle of Inactivity”. Maybe you have seen this before… Think of a circular clockwise diagram that depicts how a person might…
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BetterPoints in Bologna: 15,000 users in one month, and counting

We’d not even officially launched our new behaviour change programme in the Italian city of Bologna before it hit its six-month target of 10,000 users.