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£180m Emergency Active Travel Fund – DEADLINE 7 AUGUST

£180m Emergency Active Travel Fund – DEADLINE 7 AUGUST

In May, UK Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, announced a multi-million pound Emergency Active Travel Fund to help local authorities create an environment that was safer for both walking and cycling.

The fund was divided into two tranches. The first has passed, but the second – and much larger – tranche of £180 million is still up for grabs.

Local Authorities have until 7 August to bid for funding from it.

What is it for?

  • The fund’s primary purpose is to significantly enhance the safety of both pedestrians and cyclists on local highways.
  • Up to 20% of a bid can be for ‘temporary infrastructure measures that local authorities are unable to capitalise’.
  • In addition, the Department for Transport will consider bids for other complementary behaviour change measures, ‘should authorities feel they can accommodate them within their indicative allocations’, as part of an integrated package that meets the Fund objectives.

How we can help

We can build you a bespoke programme of behaviour change incentives and data capture for between £15k and £50k, depending on your needs – a fraction of an overall bid. It will give you access to BetterPoints’ award-winning technology that has successfully boosted engagement in the UK and beyond, and a data platform for real-time insight and reporting.

For example, we are working with the authorities in Leicester to encourage use of their pop-up lanes. We geofenced the lanes so we can tell which segments of each are being used – to within a few metres – as well as when, and how often, people are using them. This use of geospatial data means we can present contextual content to users and deliver ecological momentary assessments (EMAs) for impact reporting. 

BetterPoints programmes deliver improvements in health & wellbeingtransport mode shift and journey quality, and are good value for money – each programme demonstrates a strong Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR).

We want to see a real shift towards active travel, and we believe we can help you make a substantial impact locally. If you think a BetterPoints programme would add value to your bid, please contact us.