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Incentivising transport modal shift in European Mobility Week

European Mobility Week is all about encouraging transport modal shift. At BetterPoints, we do that all year round.

BetterPoints in Bologna was so successful it’s been commissioned again

A second programme of active travel incentives begins in Bologna, Italy in April, thanks to the huge success of its six-month predecessor in 2017.

Bella Mossa programme wins CIVITAS Bold Measure Award for pioneering work in Bologna

On Friday, the city of Bologna won the CIVITAS ‘Bold Measure Award’ for Bella Mossa, which encourages local people to make fewer single-occupancy car journeys. Bella Mossa is run by Bologna’s transport agency, SRM, who worked with BetterPoints to deliver an effective behaviour change programme.

BetterPoints to help Italian city tackle a global killer: air pollution

Air pollution is now known to be one of the leading preventable causes of death in the world. The damaging affects globally equate to nearly 7 million deaths a year – mostly in urban areas. With indoor air pollution responsible for approximately half of those deaths.